The Elements

Ford x Outside Mag: Chasing the Elements
Client: Ford
Art Director: Paria Taheri
Copywriter: Tania Taiwo
CDs: Eric Helin + Stuart Jennings
Director: Ian McGrew
Photographer: Joe Morahan
The Ford Bronco can handle all terrains. We collaborated with Outside Mag to challenge the Bronco and 8 athletes to tackle the elements of Sand, Rock, Snow, and Water.

Chasing the Elements: Sand

Featuring Pro BMX Riders - Tyler McCaul & Jaxon Riddle

Chasing the Elements: Rock

Featuring Pro Climbers - Jimmy Chin & Maiza Lima

Chasing the Elements: Snow

Featuring Pro Skiers - Julian Carr & Luke Bradar

Chasing the Elements: Water

Featuring Pro Kayakers - Rush Sturges & Darby McAdams